We believe in products that protect our homes and co-exist naturally with our environment. To this end, our products are eco-friendly. Our production processes are geared towards conserving natural resources and minimising waste.

Our products are manufactured in Sri Lanka using the latest technology, under stringent quality control procedures, and conform to international standards.

We recruit locally from near our factories, show rooms and branches. We take pride in training and developing our staff – and have unrelenting focus on offering the best products and services to our customers and dealers.

At N. Vaitilingam Group, we take our social responsibilities seriously. We do this in several ways:

  • Based on need, we provide free or subsidized roofing, building materials and hardware products to local hospitals, schools, charities and places of worship
  • We fund educational and charitable institutions and initiatives
  • We look after the welfare of our staff and their families
  • We ensure our products and production procedures are environmentally friendly
  • Last but not least, we ensure our products meet the highest customer expectations and that we earned our keep

We strongly believe in our civic duties as a responsible corporate citizen, and have a stellar CSR track record that stretches back over 90 years.