N. Vaitilingam Group, pioneer manufacturer of steel roofing in Sri Lanka, introduces RIVER BRAND Stone Coated Steel Roofing tiles. Manufactured to ISO standards using the finest aluminium zinc alloy coated steel from Union Steel, Korea and covered with Italian ceramic coated stone granules, RIVER BRAND offers unmatched strength, endurance and style. The product is popular in Japan, Korea, Asia Pacific and North America.

  • Endurance

    Ten layers of protection (Base steel, Al-Zine and other coatings, ceramic coated stone granules) make it extremely durable and corrosion free.


    No ignition to external fire embers and won't collapse to interior fire.

  • Low structural costs

    Eight times lighter than clay tiles at just 5.96kg/m2 installed weight, resulting in low structural costs, stronger and longer lasting structure.

    Weather resistance*

    Stone granules provide superior protection against prolonged exposure to extreme weather.

  • Algae resistance

    Algae formation prevented by anti-algae treatment in the top coat.

    Water, leak and humidity resistance*

    Doesn't absorb water, prevents leaks, and resistance to humidity

  • Wind resistance

    Extraordinary resistance to wind uplift withstanding very strong winds.

    Heat resistance*

    Tiles possess thermal conductivity (k value) resistance similar to traditional tiles and slates.

  • Reduced noise

    Rain noise reduced by multi layer, stone surface, and much lower than asbestos cement or steel roofing.

    Attractive and healthy

    Premium style, increases property value and no health hazard

* Certified by Korea Testing & Research Institute or equivalent Japanese body.


Base Steel and Al-Zn Coat

The base steel is grade steel, coated with finest Aluminium Zinc alloy by Union Steel, Korea, world's premier maker of Zinc Aluminium coated steel sheets. These combine strengths and anti-corrosive properties of Aluminium and Zinc, enhancing the lifetime of the steel sheets by decades.


Epoxy Primer and Acrylic Coat

Epoxy primer coating and Acrylic seal coating are applied to both sides. They serve the dual purpose of adding further protection from water and UV penetration and serving as adhesive for the next layer.


Ceramic Coated Stone Granules

A protective coating and attractive appearance is provided by our ceramic coated Italian stone granules. They further resist UV penetration and colour fading.


Acrylic Top Coat

An exclusive acrylic top coat is applied as a final coating, sealing the various layers of file materials, providing further weather resistance and enhancing the appearance.