RIVER BRAND is a leader in both Galvanised and Zinc Aluminium roofing and cladding segments in Sri Lanka. N. Vaitilingam Group is a pioneer in Sri Lanka, having set up the country’s first Galvanising plant in 1969.

High Quality

  • RIVER BRAND is manufactured to the highest quality standards in Sri Lanka. We use premium raw materials from ISO certified suppliers, including Union Steel (Korea) and Sysco (Taiwan).

Durability and Strength

  • RIVER BRAND products’ reputation for durability and strength is second to none in Sri Lanka. Our products remain strong for decades.


  • RIVER BRAND offers maximum value for money. Its superior quality and durability comes at competitive prices. It’s tough yet lighter than normal roofing, reducing your structural costs.

Weather resistance

  • RIVER BRAND products are known to withstand toughest weather conditions across the country, from heavy monsoons and strong winds to extreme temperatures and fires.

Variety and easy installation

  • RIVER BRAND products come in variety of attractive design profiles, sizes and colours, can be easily assembled and are highly versatile to fit your unique roofing requirement.

Customer Service

  • N. Vaitilingam Group is committed to excellence in customer service, from honest pre-sales advice to prompt after-sales service. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Environmentally friendly

  • Healthier and more environmentally friendlier option than other roofing options in Sri Lanka, and consuming less resources than clay or cement roofing - due to it’s strength and lightness